August 2016 - The latest issue of PEP is now available!

See what great equipment and service opportunites are waiting for you! In particular, note the reduced prices on the Sabre 6-20 pipe bender, the CRC Evans 22-36 bender and the bending sets, the American Augers and Rodney Black road boring machines, auger, and cutting heads, and all the clamps and mandrels, plus the cradles.
August 2016 - Be sure to note the welder houses, the facing machine, all the benders and the internal line-up clamps in the newsletter, along with the padding machine, the pneumatic tired cradles, the roller cradles, the beveling machines, the external clamps, and the boring machines. In particular, note the reduced prices.

Welcome to Shield International!

Shield International assists other companies in marketing their pipeline products internationally with a range of tools and services available, including the popular Pipeline Equipment Pipeline (PEP) Newsletter - the only publication dedicated solely to the Sellers and Buyers of specialized pipeline equipment.

Shield International was founded by Jim Solomon, who also founded and was the President of Sabre International Inc., the innovative pipeline equipment and services company.

Shield International services include strategic marketing, purchasing, inventory reduction, inventory liquidation assistance, and equipment utilization programs.

Notes from Jim Solomon
April 2016 - Our goal is to make this a truly international web site, and in so doing, give everyone a broader source of equipment or a broader market for surplus machines. When supply and demand are out of balance, everyone needs to expand the search for equipment or sales. Shield International focuses on pipeline equipment, primarily, so as to not dilute our efforts by chasing all types of general excavation machines. We learned a lot about specialized pipeline equipment at Sabre, and we are building on that experience.

Please feel free to contact me about how we can help you find the specialized equipment you need to successfully complete your next pipeline project.
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