Pipeline Construction Equipment

The following equipment is available new. And from time to time, many of these items are available used.

  • Air Boosters
  • Air Compressors (high pressure)
  • Boring Machines – saddle and horizontal
  • Line-up Clamps (internal) – pneumatic, hydraulic and manual
  • Line-up Clamps (external) – manual and hydraulic
  • Pipe Bending Machines
  • Pipe Bending Mandrels
  • Pipe Bending Sets
  • Pipe Beveling Machines
  • Pipe Lifting Belts
  • Pipe Cradles
  • Pipe Trailers – wheel and track, on and off road
  • Pumps – fill, test, ditch, and trash
  • Vacuum Pipe Lifters
  • Welders, Diesel
  • Welding Houses and Tents